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Diabetes Webinar Series

The EPICC Program offers a FREE monthly continuing diabetes education series for professionals on the third Wednesday of each month from Noon to 1pm. Participation is available through GoToTraining. The purpose of the series is to keep healthcare professionals up to date on the latest information in diabetes care and education..

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015
12:00 (noon)- 1:00 pm

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Diabetes 101 from the PWD Perspective
Speaker: Eileen R.DeLeeuw, MS,RD,CDE

Eileen is a certified diabetes educator and registered dietitian.  She graduated with a BS in Medical Dietetics from Brigham Young University and received her Masters from Utah State University, doing research on diabetes nutritional care and education.  She has worked (part time) in diabetes care and education for 38 years.  Currently, she she does Diabetes Self-management Training with her company, Real Life Diabetes, LLC, and at Birch Family Pharmacy in Tooele.  She has just joined the Tooele County Health Department EPICC team as a consultant.  She has served in leadership positions in diabetes organizations.  Eileen has had diabetes for 50  years and has been able to do everything she and her parents were told at her diagnosis that she would not, including having 5 children and, now,  11 grandchildren.  She is married to Wayne DeLeeuw who has been very supportive of her diabetes efforts and interests, to the point of developing Type 2 himself!  Eileen is a strong advocate for persons with and at risk for diabetes developing their own approach to self-management.  She says that any of the old style dietitians who make it to heaven will be standing in a long line apologizing to former “patients” for the rigid and inflexible approaches to diabetes treatment of the past!  She celebrates the many advances in diabetes treatment and self-management she has seen and hopes yet to see.


Upcoming Webinars

Date Registering Soon! Speaker
April Diabetes 101 Eileen Deleeuw
May Pregnancy in Diabetes David Winmill
June Meal Planning Made Easy Patrice Isabelle
July Vascular Dimentia  
August Coping with the Diagnosis Dustin Jones

Continuing Nursing Education (CNEs) / Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

CNE/CEUs are provided by The Utah Nurses Association and the Commission on Dietetic Registration, the credentialed agency for the American Dietetic Association.

Continuing education units are available for nurses (1.5 hours), dietitians (1 hour) and a general certificate of participation (1 hour) can be provided for all other groups (e.g. CHES). You must take the pre-test and the post-test, you must receive 80% or greater on the post test to receive a certificate. CNE/CEU certificates will be emailed within two weeks of the program.