Healthy Living Through Environment, Policy and Improved Clinical Care (EPICC) Program

Additional QI Resources

Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange or PHQIX is a communications hub for professionals interested in improving population health. You can find examples from projects around the country as well as ask questions and discuss projects.

The Office of Accreditation and Quality Improvement within the Michigan Public Health Institute is focused on helping public health agencies use best practices in Quality Improvement. They have a variety of resources including the “QI Guidebook” that includes several examples and ideas. 

The Health Resources and Services Administration has developed a series of webinars for clinics interested in using Quality Improvement. They also have helpful education modules that walk practitioners through each step of the Quality Improvement process.

HealthInsight is a private, non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to improving health and healthcare. They work with clinics in Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico to improve the quality of care.