Healthy Living Through Environment, Policy and Improved Clinical Care (EPICC) Program

School Nurses

School Nurses, the links to the right of your screen are for you! They will provide you with information that will help you with your daily duties which may include some of the following:

  • Health Education - providing health education to students, staff and parents
  • Healthy Environment - identifying health and safety concerns in the school environment and promoting a nurturing social environment
  • Nutritional Services - supporting healthy food services programs
  • Physical Education/Activity - promoting healthy physical education, sports policies and practices
  • Counseling - providing health counseling, assessing mental health needs, providing interventions and referring students to appropriate school staff or community agencies
  • Parent/Community Involvement - promotes community involvement in assuring a healthy school, serves as school liaison to a health advisory committee.
  • Staff Wellness - provides health education and counseling, promote healthy activities and environment for school staff

Additional resources for Utah School Nurses can be found at the Utah School Nurse Association website